Buggy colors in HUD

  • I have attached a picture of my HUD. The problem is that the colors displayed in the HUD do not correlate with the colors from the HUD I have made in the Popup Editor.

    As you can see in the picture the HUD that I am working with in the Editor and playing with are the same ones.

    In the HUD in the picture you can see 2 green colors - a bright one and a darker one. Same for Red. The darker colors are from an old version of the HUD, and I have changed them all to bright version - as you can see for one of the stats in the HUD.

    I have double checked every cell in the HUD and the darker green and red are not used for any stat anymore. Yet, they are shown many places in the HUD.

    I have my the HUD by the following color scheme. For the stats where I have no color ranges the default color is grey. For all the other stats the default color is white are there is a range for bright red and one for bright green. According to the rules this should be okay.

    Can you guys find out what is wrong? This is baffling to me.


  • i have the same issue

  • Have you tried going to:

    • Configurator (F12)
    • Stats Appearance
      -Stat opacity in case of small sample. + Make stat transparent if its sample is lower than.
      Change the thresholds on those options.

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