Can't fast switch between huds if 'Players in hand' applied to cells

  • Hello,
    the hud cells that use 'Players in hand' are not visible till next hand after switching hud with a hotkey. I believe it is a bug cause I use StarsHelper and the cells are visible even first hand at the table, but not after changing the hud. (they will appear next hand though)

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    What version of Hand2Note have you installed?


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  • I did follow the instructions, but of course it did not help.

    1. After fresh install I added a cell with a 'Players in hand' display condition to a default hud. (please see the picture)

    2. Next I've made a clone of the SAME hud so I could try switching between the two.

    3. I've added both huds in Configuration>Game Types and assigned a hotkeys to them. (please see the picture)

    4. The tournament started and even the First Hand the cell with 'Players in hand' applied is perfectly visible. So StarsHelper works, everything is fine. (please see the picture)

    5. Same hand I did a hud switch with a hotkey and the cell is not visible anymore. (please see the picture)

    6. No changes were made, next hand started and the cell became visible. (please see the picture)

    So if any of cells uses this condition, it is not possible to fast switch between huds, you have to wait for the next hand. This condition is super handy to use to divide 3max/HU in Spin&GO or bubble, HU and any other state in 6-9 max sng, in MTTs. But it does not work as expected.
    Please fix it.

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    Thank you for the detailed report.

    I have forwarded the issue to our development team for investigation.

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