Postflop and preflop diagrams show the same hands for vs hero and vs everyone = bug?

  • Hi,

    Preflop and postflop diagrams that are generated for stats show the same hands and percentages for stats generated for hands that have been played vs everyone and stats that are generated vs hero specifically and that appear in brackets in pop-ups with the "show vs-hero stats" option enabled for pop-ups. To illustrate:

    Here's a postflop diagram for the CB stat vs everyone:

    And here's a postflop diagram for the same stat but hovered over the vs hero value that is generated next to the stat in the brackets:

    The same issue with preflop diagrams. Is there any way to make the diagrams correspond to the bracket vs hero values or is it a bug that I can hope to maybe get fixed sometime in future?

    Edit: I just noticed that I can get diagrams for the automatically generated vs hero values if I hover over the "vs hero" values that are directly below the row "stat value" in either the preflop or postflop diagram pop-ups:

    And that is great, but it's an unnecessary extra step to get to that information, which makes it less practical in-game.

    In case it is not a bug, would be really great if you could attach it also to the bracket vs hero values as a future feature. Thanks anyhow.

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    It is not a bug.

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