Positional HUD without 3rd party software: what is the sit-out bug like?

  • Hi,

    I am thinking about creating a positional HUD but want to understand how severe the sit-out bug is that is mentioned in the FAQ ("sometimes happens that a player sit-outed between the current and the previous hand. In this case, positions will be calculated incorrectly").

    1. Will the positions remain calculated incorrectly for the duration of 1 hand after someone has sat out and then work correctly starting from the next hand? Or will they remain calculated incorrectly until the player that sat out either leaves the table or sits back in?

    2. Does this bug only affect which position's stats are being displayed at the moment of play when using a positional HUD or does it also make stat value calculation incorrect for the bugged instances because H2N thinks that MP = CO instead, for example? I am trying to understand why the cause of the bug would affect only one but not both of these functions.


  • Global Moderator

    The last version of Hand2Note works correctly without 3rd party software in most rooms.

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