"Reg or fish" and "Is Fish on blinds" stat modifier bug

  • H2N keeps randomly removing the "Is Fish on blinds" stat modifier that is located under the Preflop section as well as keeps changing back the modifier "Reg or fish" that is located under the Action section to an older value (Is Fish to Is Reg if that's what the value was a few days ago ). The bug keeps affecting some of my stats but not all of them. It seems to happen whenever I rebuild stats and seems to always affect the same stats. The affected "Is Fish on blinds" stats look like this after the bug has been triggered:


    The modifier is not even reset to the default "Doesn't matter" but is instead just blank.

    I am running H2N and am not updating the software because I want to keep using a hand converter on Tigergaming. I am waiting for H2N to introduce an option to either merge converted hands with H2N's directly processed Tigergaming hands or to provide an option to disable the H2N built-in direct support.

    Has this bug been solved in the most recent update or is it something that requires a separate fix?

    Edit: It actually seems that they get reset randomly sooner or later even without rebuilding stats; Not entirely sure currently what actually triggers the bug.

    Edit: Also just noticed that some changes that I have made to some pop-ups regarding specific stats are being reverted to what they were a few days ago when the bug is triggered; Some stats that I deleted from some pop-ups a few days ago and substituted by different stats are back to what they were like before I made the changes

    I have changed everything several times back to what it is supposed to be like but it all keeps being reset despite my changes.

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    Unfortunately, our development department explores bugs only in the latest version of Hand2Note.

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