Hand2Note not working

  • Hi,

    I've had a frustrating time with Hand2Note. Firstly, I imported my HHs. That was fine. However, no hands came up when I tried to browse my database. I didn't find any support on how to start using H2N. I unistalled it and reinstalled it and lost my free trial. I now purchased edge because I was so desperate to try this software. Now, after trying to register I put in the code, fine. But then when trying to restart I'm stuck on this command box:

    Restarting Hand2Note...
    Waiting for the process "hand2note.exe" ends... Please, do NOT KILL the process bacause some statistics can be lost

    It never goes away. I am really at a loss with this software. It's wasted so much time and there are no tutorials on how to use it. I think the problem might have been reinstalling it but I have no idea.

    Please help :)


  • I manually closed it and restarted it. It sees I'm registered but when trying to import hands it does nothing. Sigh.

  • Global Moderator

    What exactly are you trying to import, and in what way?

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