Expression Stat for Check Raise Total

  • What is the Expression Syntax for Check Raises on Flop / Turn and River.

    I tried to clone Bet-Raise Total and adapt it but the syntax is wrong:
    (Cases(Check-Raise Flop) + Cases(Check-Raise Turn) + Cases(Check-Raise River)) / (Opps(Check-Raise Flop) + Opps(Check-Raise Turn) + Opps(Check-Raise River)) * 100

  • To answer myself:

    I did create stats for x/r on F/T/R like

    Flop: Player checks, Villain Bets, Player Raises (last players action on street)

    and did basically the same for turn and river and then just used the names of these stats with cases and opportunities.

    Would this be the way to do it?

  • Global Moderator

    After you have created all necessary stats, add them to your Popup and rebuild statistics:


    Then you can use those stats to build your expression stats.

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