Importing MPN HH into H2N

  • I realised neither by connecting to a PT4 DB nor by importing Microgaming hands from PT4 via a txt file these HH are taken into the database of H2N.

    However when playing on MPN with H2N running, H2N picks up all HH (unlike the ones i have in PT4 which are only the ones we vpip'd in anyway).

    When i export these hands from H2N, delete my DB and import these same txt files, i have all my (former) MPN HH again.

    With the change in MPN policy to make full HH available again, how are we getting these hands into our H2N database?

    Clearly a .dat file provided won't be imported, neither will it be taken into account if placed into an auto import folder (you know why).

    Any ideas?

  • Global Moderator

    Currently, Hand2Note can get the full MPN hand history from memory during auto import only.

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