graph/stats for sng/spins

  • 0_1562909471282_graph.png So as a spin player I look more at my cev/game rather than bb/100 in hands, can we add the feature so just like on pt4 we can put in 'custom' stats or edit the ones shown. H2N is supposed to be better than pt4 in every way, super powerful, but it seems weird we can't do something so simple as make it so i can see the graph for games played instead of hands and add a stat so i can see my cev/game. The fact i have to manually calculate it sort of blows my mind!

  • Yes, this would be fantastic, and 1 step closer to not needing pt4 anymore.

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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    We have sent it to our development team.


    At the moment, in order to get ChipEV for every tournament, you can divide the NetWonEV value in chips by the number of tournaments:

    alt text

  • Yes we are totally aware how to get the cev/game. But again the fact that your program doesn't do it is just crazy mind blowing.

  • @keepcalm Hi there is there any updates on when this will be added. Its so tilting to have to manually do this every time i want to get my cev/game

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    The release date of the next update is not known yet

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