Inconsistencies in Stats

  • Hello,

    I just noticed a problem with some of the stats.

    Following situation:

    Small Blind Raises and now I want to see what the Big Blind does:

    Technically it has three options: It can Call, Fold or Raise, and those three actions combined should add up to 100%, yet they dont.

    They add up to more than 100%, as shown in the screenshot:

    And here are the three stats used to get that result.

    Would appreciate any feedback on why this doesnt add up to 100%


  • These stats can have different sample size. For example, if SB goes all-in, BB can only fold or call but not raise. If you want the sum of these 3 stats values to be 100, you need also to put "no all-in" filter on SB action.

    Another thing. If you want these stats actually mean reaction to RFI, you need to put "First non-fold action on street" filter to SB raise. Right now it can be any raise on preflop no matter how many people already invested the money into the pot before the player on SB.

  • Hey, that makes sense, I did notice that the most inconsistencies come at lower stack depths, as I have those stats for several stack sizes, but didn't think about the All In as being a reason. Thanks so much.

    And thanks for the advice on stat actually not being what I want. For some reason, I forgot to add the 1st Non-Fold Action to that stat even though I have it on all others on that popup.

    The quick response is much appreciated!!

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