H2N instantly closes during building stats

  • Hey guys,

    maybe someone had this problem before:

    I wanted to clear stats and build stats again. But at around 1mio. hands (of 6 mio.) H2N instantly shuts down.

    Before when I wanted to import some hands today it said "database may be corrupted". Should I follow the steps for creating a new database or is there any other solution?

    one more question, is it possible to move the data folder for the DB from c:...\AppData\Roaming\Hand2Note\h2ndb

    to maybe


    without any problems?

    I just found out that H2N closes automatically after about 10 minutes from start. Maybe the problem is not in the DB...

  • Hi,

    1. Try to create a new database.

    2. In order to move the database to another PC, just copy the contents of database folder and transfer it to a similar directory on another device.

    By default, Hand2Note stores database in C:/Users/YourUsername/AppData/ Roaming/Hand2Note/h2ndb

    alt text

    alt text

  • Yep clean reinstall and creating a new DB worked :-)

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