In some statistics showdown hands are not visible. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hello there!

    So I have noticed that in many situations the actual showdown hands of a stat are not visible (while browsing stats throught the H2N client and not in pokerstars client) and I have no idea why. Could you guys shed some light on this?

    Here are two examples:
    - River Barrel
    - River Raise

    Thank you and have a nice day,

  • Try reinstalling Hand2Note

    alt text

  • I cannot install the newest version of H2N because my HUD falls apart if I do so. currently i run on version and if I update it to the newest version then most of the panels in my hud disappear and im left with only 1 of them.

    I have reinstalled older versions of H2N multiple times for other reasons and it never solved this problem. This was always like this for me. I also rebuilt my db many times. these stats never had showdowns with them.

    Also its interesting to note that it is only the river spots which have this problem. any idea why that might be? or do you guys have any other tips for a solution?

  • I think the right decision would be to reinstall Hand2Note.

    alt text

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