Remove fake money session

  • Hello to all of you,

    First, i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm french so, i do my best to tell us what's my problem.

    So, before that i put money on a poker room, i played some fake money tournament and cg. But, i really wan't to remove all of this from my hand2ntoe. How can i do it ? Did i need to choose myself, the tournement for real money with "import with files" or, is there a tricks ?

    Thanks you in advance :)

  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can create a new database

    alt text

  • Is it still the case that you can't remove hands/tournaments from Hand2Note? It's a bit overkill to have to create a new database just to purge the database of unwanted tournaments, especially fake games.

  • Hi, unfortunately, there is no other way.

    alt text

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