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  • I use H2N with WePoker, although this may be similar across any other sites. Players are identified via numerical id's, like 88880000. I set 'aliases' for the names of players, b/c who can remember an 8-digit number, right? This works in the HUD interface but in the main H2N screen, the names as well as the ID's are listed. For example if I play with a single player with ID 88880000, and I assign him the alias 'John', the Hand2Note main interface will show 2 rows, one for John and one for 88880000, with identical figures for VPIP, PFR etc. etc. I only want to see ONE row, specifically the one with the alias. Surprised this hasn't come up before as a request...or has it?

    See picture for an example: 2 rows shown representing the same player, one with a player name which I configured and one with the player ID.

    Feature request: Allow the ability to hide all non-aliased id's from the list, or at least toggle between viewing by id's vs playernames.


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    Thank you for your suggestions.

    We have sent it to our development team.


  • To expand on the scope of this request a bit, would like aliases visible in all interfaces (Range Research, Replayer, etc.) - not just main HUD. Right now I have to maintain a separate database of ID's mapped to Player Names in Excel so as to look up who exactly I'm looking at. The configuration-aliases is a one-to-many of aliases to player id's, to find which ID maps to an alias(player name), I have to maintain my own mapping table. Please incorporate this for better usability!!

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