Is there a way to set 'Hero' player ID directly?

  • I use H2N with WePoker, but in observer mode (i.e. I play with my phone and run an VM with H2N, but as an observer, not as a player). Is there a way to set the player ID of the Hero?

    I think I was previously told it is determined by number of hands see and my Hero account has the most hand samples compared to anybody else but is not the 'Hero' as determined by the app, i.e. if I go to a stat like VPIP for the Hero account, there is a number for stat value and a different number for 'vs Hero'. Who exactly does the app think is Hero and how can I 'set' this manually?

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    Hand2Note identifies the Hero according to hand history.

  • @keepcalm In the event that H2N has only ever been used in Observer mode, how does H2N know who the Hero is? There is a text field in Configuration, under WePoker to set Hero ID and I have tried to use that, with no result. Is there someplace else to 'set' this?

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