• Hello,

    I wanted to know if the currency gets updated regularly or if that is something that I have to do. I also wonder if it is possible to use daily historical data, like PT4 does for example. That way results stay accurate.

    Kind regards

  • Global Moderator

    You should set the actual value of the currency in Configurator->System->Currencies :
    alt text

  • I realize that there is a way to enter currency values manually, I was wondering if it is possible to set date ranges for them. I'm playing on euro and dollar tables and my results get skewed if the dollar or euro changes in value. Let's say as an extreme example that in early 2014 I won $20.000 what would have been worth significantly less (with the euro worth aprox 1,3 for every 1 dollar) than end 2015 (with every euro wroth aprox 1,1 for every 1 dollar).

  • Global Moderator

    We do not have any plans to add data ranges for currency.

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