Limp -> Raise Stats Trouble

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to create a stat that shows how much a player limp raises, but some of the hands aren't showing up. I have...

    Player Calls
    Action is a limp
    Villain Raises
    Player Raises

    But it doesn't count the hand if other players limp or call, so do i have to create a ton of scenarios for other players? There could be a lot of scenarios here since the games I'm playing involve a lot of limpers. Any help appreciated.

  • That's right, you need to create all the necessary players scenarios.

    alt text

  • Is there no other way to see this stat? I have the same problem... with 6 players it looks I would have to put in like 5 square (limp/call/raise/fold) which will be almost impossible to do?

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