Final Table (7 seats) on Winamax 6max Tournaments

  • Hi guys,

    I am a new owner of H2N, made my 1st session on Winamax with it (i made my own hud but using protool popups).

    Everything worked perfectly until i arrived on final table who is 7 seats.

    All the huds where on the wrongs seats (my hud was locked - unable to move- while entering table).

    Then i had to change most of the hud i can to the correct positions, but some still wrong (like hand showdows etc).

    Can you provide me assistance to avoid this in the futur please ?

    When we where 5, 4,3 even the HU displayed wrong positions.


  • Global Moderator

    Please note that if your HUD consists of several panels with different display conditions, then you need to place all these panels(as they appear) in the correct places by mouse. Only after that, they will appear where it is necessary.

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