888 Snap "hud" (only the nick and notes)

  • Hello, I'm having a problem with my HUD no 888 snap. (I know the HUD is not supposed to show the stats, only the nick and the notes). My problem is when I open 2 tables of snap, the second table shows for a moment (sometimes several seconds) the "HUD" from the first table. Which is an issue because I either may read the wrong notes, or make a note of the wrong player.

    -If I have only 1 table it works correctly.
    -The "HUD" is always correct in the 1st table (table 1). The problem only happen in the 2nd (table 2).
    -The problem usually happens when I fold in the table 1, when the new table is dealt the table 2 is gonna load the "HUD" in the same order as table 1. This usually lasts moments like (4/5 sec). But it varies a lot.

    ps: I do use 888caption
    pss: I do run everything as the admin
    psss: I did change my anti virus to let all the softs to run freely
    pssss: I don't think the problem is with 888caption because it always shows the correct nicknames (I made 888caption show a hud of the nicknames and it always match the table).


  • Snap tables are not supported in H2N

    alt text

  • I know the h2n can't show the full HUD no snap tables, which is fine because the 888 forbids it. But this problem happen even with the hud with only the nickname and the notes.

  • gt-hud said:

    Snap tables are not supported in H2N

    alt text

    if snap tables are not supported with H2N, why on my snap tables I see the H2N HUD with all the stats, at least 3months already??

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