Rake Calculation on 888

  • Hey,
    I just started out with online poker and with Hand2Note.

    H2N shows a profit of about $1.5 but on my 888 account I'm about even. Since rake shows $0 I'm assuming the rake isn't subtracted from my winnings. Am I doing something wrong or does it simply not work with 888?

    Additionaly 888 isn't shown under Configuration > Rooms ?


    0_1581804603002_Screenshot (2).png

  • Update the program to the latest version

    Go to: Configuration (F12) / Game Types and click “Reset to default”, then re-configure and click Clear and Build stats in the main program window.

    Configuration / Rooms / Pacific

    alt text

  • thanks for the quick reply, but your suggestion doesn't work for me.

    I have reset game types to default, then cleared and built stats. The saved hands and also new hands i played don't show a rake.

  • Unfortunately, there are some problems in this room. Will be fixed in future updates

    alt text

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