HUD statistics according to the time of the SNG

  • Is there any way for HUD to display the villain's statistics in a given situation of an SNG?
    For example, to show the VPIP and the PFR of the villain taking into account only the situations in which the big blind exceeds a certain value.
    Or maybe knowing how he behaves when there are only 3 players left at the table ...
    If this were possible, one could see, for example, 3 different VPIPs. The total or general VPIP, the VPIP when the blinds are low and the VPIP when the blinds are high.

  • Yes, it’s possible, you need to create different VPIP stats and place them in the HUD by specifying the display rules in advance.

    alt text

  • Thank you very much, I created the stats for different moments within the same SNG. For example, RPF when the remaining players are 3 ...
    What I would like to add would be a cell where I can tell you the number of hands that fulfilled that condition and on which those certain stats are calculated. In the case of the example, how many hands were played with 3 remaining players.
    It should be something like the stat expression "Hands", but that counts the hands of a specific situation

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