Stats no showing when table gets to 6max

  • I bought the gthud MTT-SNG pack with the pokerstars static hud and configured it as it shows on the FAQ.

    Just started to use h2n today.
    Today as I was starting my session, the first tables that I opened in PS were alright, showing the stats and number of hands of each player, then I opened a table on Winamax 8max and the hud only showed the BBs, every other stat have ' -- ' on it.. and 0 hand for each player.. every time..

    It was just the only table so i though it was a bug or something.. restarted h2n two times but nothing as change..

    Then I was playing on Pacific, last 2 tables of an MTT, and when it gets to 6max the same thing happened.. I click to show the last hands and it only shows the last hands played when the table had 7players.. at the final table the stats finally showed up.. and then when we get to 6 players the same issue... then when I get HU the stats showed up again.. Same thing happened on PS.. last 2 tables, 6 players at the table, stats disappears only showing BBs with 0 hand of each player..

    Just finished my session, and as I go to Sessions and replay those tournaments, those hands aren't showing up on the replayer..

    Another thing.. I imported my HM2 database through 'Import' then chose from postgres DB.. but I am quite sure that I have more hands on each player than those that shows up on the hud..

  • Contact us on Skype GT-Pack, we will check the configuration.

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