Turn Texture Filter - Straight Possible

  • Really simple way to greatly increase functionality of turn texture filters.

    Is a straight possible or not?

    The board texture filters has so much potential but missing important high frequency scenarios that professional players need. On the flip side it seems to focus on low frequency spots unnecessarily.

    For example, really don't care how to play on xxxx turn (quads turn). Yet that's coded as one of the few filters while obvious high frequency spots are not.

    As an extra needle, the location where such a possible-straight filter would appear (under the straightness title) has been replaced by "turn is overcard". This has nothing to do with straight connectivity and is listed twice on the turn texture filter options.

    EDIT: I see this was already mentioned around a month ago in different post, really important feature imo.

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    Perhaps, we will be able to implement it in Hand2Note 4

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