Hero v fish Hudstats

  • Hey! I am exploring some features from range research and esspecifically looking over population tendencies. I am able to make a filter to show recreational population tendencies but I am struggling to get my HUD v fish. If I open the recreational HUD popup and select Show Heros stats it says undefined player. I get it because it exludes heros hands.

    So I try to make new report. I select Alias as Hero and Base stats I tick "its fish" and green custom marker. But all it shows is blank HUD. I assume its again because it excludes Heros hands automatically.

    I cant just select my name from main window because it will show all HEROs stats v fish and regs.

    I want to specifically see my HUD v fish only. Is this possible?

  • Hi, this is not possible.

    Please note that it does not make sense to indicate an alias of your own accounts here, since all Hero hands are automatically excluded from the report results. Range Research is designed to analyze the game of opponents, you can study your own stats in a simpler way.

    alt text

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