H2N not importing after update of Betfair client

  • Can somebody help me in this?

    After the recent client (betfair) update, and after the recent ipokertools update, H2N just not working properly. Every program i use running as administrator, i use the newest versions from every program also, and the room is settled up properly, i gave the correct screename in H2N.

    But if i start playin and for example get a new player, his hand counter stat is still on 0 after 10 hands, and not updating the hud with the new information. SO it clearly not importing the hands. Can you suggest something? How i can fix it?

  • Have you tried updating H2N?

    alt text

  • @gt-hud i use the newest version (

  • You are using the old version, you need to download and reinstall the new version

    alt text

  • Hello, it doesn't working on newest version as well.
    I play twister on Betfair and after you start H2N it appears on the table but I guess it doesn't track hands because stats won't change.
    and after you play 10+ tables it won't even appear on the table at all anymore.
    I tried to clear and rebuild stats, I reinstall H2N. After newest update from Betfair its a shit show... And I can't find a solution to that.
    Before newest Betfair update was okish...

  • Apparently, iPoker had an update that affected the operation of H2N, etc.

    alt text

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