Hud not working on zoom,WTFFFFFFF!!!!!

  • Hud not working on zoom
    find over the forum and tried many methods
    Axxxxx engine
    rebuilt the base
    resinstalled the pokerstars"
    it works few times.
    However, soon the hud disappear!!!!
    WTF, can you fix it !!!!!!!!!

    I will not buy the elite version next year!!!!!!

  • Last night I reinstall the Pokerstars, and uninstall the Pokerstars 6up version. It finally works.

    However, today morning, I open PS and play for a hour,
    suddenly I found the hud never change in the zoom

    and then I restart the PS

    The hud disappear again

  • Try specifying the auto import path in H2N / Configuration / Auto Import

    alt text

    alt text

  • @gt-hud

    not working

    I reinstall h2n yesterday, it works in h2n again
    but it disappear on RedDragon
    So I rebulit the database
    then the Zoom boom!

    I dont know why they cannot be uesed together?

    and they were used well last month

  • I use installation repair
    it works
    and I will observe

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