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  • Hello,

    I have some problem with Ipoker & Hand2note.

    1. The buy in of twister is wrong. All reports tournaments have 0$.
      I think you are aware of this problem. Your answer was it's not from you but ipoker room and you had to contact them.. but nothing happen. Is it really hard to fix this?
      This problem is here since January.
      What is your position about it?

    2. Bug for the hud
      The hud has a big problem on this room. Sometimes the hud not display, sometimes it works but don't import all hands, sometimes forget to switch in heads-up
      Well as you see... i can't play anymore with the hud.
      Do you know how to fix it?

    Thanks for answer!

  • @rod13z same thing was on ACR with the HUD , always with a delay , had to reopen tournament lobby in order for HUD to update and import stats . After the software update HUD stopped working all together . I think in both sites the problem is the same . Hope when they fix one both get fixed.

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  • For people who have the problem (and we are a lot..) :

    I send bug report on 26/04/20 with pictures+videos+hand report. Forwarded to investigation team.

    At this day, still the same problem. HUD not working + Buy-in wrong.
    H2n.com technician chat : "still under investigation". No other explanation.

    For information, pokertracker had the same problem for buy-in & manage to fix it.
    For the hud, no problem on PT. Only H2N

    I will put on this thread the progress (if any) of theses problems

  • Has anyone any issues on ipoker with net results of tournaments? I played a session yesterday and it showed my ROI as -100% when it wasnt

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