matching hand number and time in the session

  • Hello,

    On the session display, I can move my mouse on the graph to see that hand 1076 changed drastically the result of the session. But which hand is that ?

    If I scroll the hands list at the bottom, they are all sorted by date and time, but this does not tell me which is the one I played number 1076, and the graph does not tell me what was the time was when I played this hand.

    The only way I can figure out is to guess it using the loss I made, which is easy because this hand more than 100 BB which seldom happens. But imagine I want to work the session from the point where my result started to stop increasing, this will be much more difficult because nothing special happens.

    The greatest thing would be to be able to click on the graph to open the reviewer at the very hand selected. But just having any way to match number of hand (on the graph) and date and time (on the list) would be fine.

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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Hand2Note 4 with an advanced reporting system is already under development:

    Hand2Note 4 announcement

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