PS Restriction "Stats based on player's known pocket cards."

  • This is one of the PokerStars restrictions for Hand2Hand. Does it mean that all stats using the feature "Hand Strength" are disabled during live play at all or just the ones that actually need to know player's pocket cards.

    Example: I created a stat to see whether player bets or raises on a paired flop board (from section Hand Strength). It never shows a count during live play although H2N does not need to know player's pocket cards for this...

    Another example: Created a stat to see if player bets or raises if turn shows an overcard to the board. Same thing here.

    Thanks for advice!

  • Hi,

    alt text

  • Thanks but it does not really affect my question here.

    I am wondering if board-related stats are legal (because I don't see why they shouldn't) or why they don't work for me.


    This stat has so far never showed any resut on the table although the conditions were given.

    Please help!

  • its illgal at poker stars / It should work in replayer

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