Bounties in KO tournaments on Winamax

  • Hello,

    After doing a few experiments, it seems to me that the bounties won are not taken into accounts in the tournament results for Winamax. Is there a setting that I can tweak so that it works correctly?

    Many thanks

  • Global Moderator

    Please make sure you have added a folder where your poker client saves hand history to Configuration->Auto Import

  • Hand histories are auto-imported, but bounty winnings are not included in the hand/tournament history, you have to extract them from the software. Is Hand2Note doing that?

  • Global Moderator

    Please send a hand history sample for one of the tournaments to our support via email or live chat.

  • I have the same issue with Winimax bounty tournaments not registering the bounties. I have checked but the bounties are not listed in the Tournament summaries & also not in the hand history so don't know where they could be registered from.

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