Missing hands showing a massive loss

  • I installed Hand2Note on trial and imported my hands but there are around 10,000 hands missing.

    Hand2Note shows that I have a winrate of -41bb/100 and a total loss of $1600 (playing 5nl, 10nl and 25nl). My actual winrate as shown in my HM2 database is around 4bb/100 and my winnings $210.



    The hands are all played on Ignition and I used a hand converter to put them into Pokerstars format. I have tried importing the hands from my HM2 database, from the file of converted hands as well as the file for the HM2 database.

    Please let me know how I can fix this.

  • For some more info, I tried again with my updated hands and this what it looks like when the hands finish importing and the database is being created:


    This is where the stat building stops and hence the missing hands. It appears the software recognises all of the hands but doesn't use them all for some reason?

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    Please send the hand history sample to our support via email or live chat

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