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  • It's been a while since I've used Hand2Note (been playing on a hud-less site).

    I'm not clear how to use H2N with PokerBros. Does this require the Asia addon? If so, will it be evident how to configure H2N for this site?

    Also, I purchased a HUD for PokerMaster a couple years ago. Would that same HUD be usable on PokerBros?

    Thank You,

  • Hi, you need a subscription for H2N "ASIA" or "PRO"

    alt text

  • Thank You...

    I purchased a PRO subscription and am now having troubles selecting/configuring a HUD.

    Hands are importing from PokerBros into H2N, but three problems:

    1. I have a pro tools asia HUD that I installed but does not show in Configurator>>>Game Types>>> (Popup/HUD) dropdown menu. (In the HUD Editor, it has a folder for "H2N Pro Tools", but does not include it in the HUD selection drop down there either. [There is also a different HUD that does not display...I've been in Skype with the creator of Pro Tools HUDs, but we have not found a solution.]

    2. I have the HUD set to PokerMaster default. All player names on the HUD display as ID Number instead of player nicknames. Is there a way to change this?

    3. When I switch tables, the HUD does not update to reflect that new table until a new hand is imported. How can I change this behavior?

  • More information:

    I completely wiped H2N and the Pro Tools HUD and re-installed them both.

    I removed H2N via control panel and deleted the H2N folder entirely. I then re-installed everything.

    I'm having the same problem.

    And for some reason, two HUD profiles that had been deleted have re-appeared.

    [I also cannot locate any other installation of H2N on my computer.]

  • OK...spent some time on TeamViewer with the HUD designer and got the HUD running.

    Now I'm running into the following problems: (I'm playing on PokerBros)

    1. When I multi-table and switch tables, the HUD does not switch to match the new table. Instead, it appears that the HUD only updates as new hands are imported (no matter which table is currently displayed). Additionally, even when the correct HUD shows for the table that is displayed, it does not update dynamically. (When it is working: see #2) The HUD works fine when I single table.

    2. I've been getting the message on startup: "Looks like your connection to Hand2Note was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect." (I just returned to H2N after a three hour break; it wasn't doing this previously)

    3. Earlier, hands seemed to be importing fine, but I started H2N and left it "observing" four tables for three hours and apparently none of those hands were imported; the HUD showed up on the displayed table, but zero hands were collected and the database did not grow.

    4. Players are identified on the HUD by their ID Number instead of screen name). How can I switch it to display screen names?


  • Hi,

    Positional or dynamic HUD cannot be used in observer mode.

    alt text

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