PokerBros HUD & Import Problems

  • I've been working on trying to configure H2N on PokerBros for four days now (at least 20 hours so far between H2N and a ProTools HUD I bought...) and keep having different and recurring problems.

    Presently, H2N is not importing any hands.

    I run both H2N and LDPlayer as Admin. I have cleared and rebuilt stats twice in the last 20 minutes. I have restarted both programs (H2N first, waiting until it is fully loaded, then LDPlayer) several times, with the same effect.

    Currently, whenever I go to a PokerBros table, H2N detects the players at the table and displays an initial basic HUD panel correctly for each player. However, half way through each hand, all HUD panels convert to a table that I previously had open, showing all player stats for this incorrect table as it was when I had that old table open.

    Immediately after the hand is completed, the HUD display goes back to the current table, but with no additional hands imported. (Stats are the same as when I first entered the table)

    This happens even after completely rebuilding stats and exiting both programs and re-starting them.

    I tried using H2N two years ago with PokerMaster and eventually gave up after a lot of work. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi,

    try reinstalling

    alt text

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