"Net Won" Inaccurate on PokerBros

  • H2N is not recording Net Won correctly on PokerBros.

    As an example, in 20NL a new player to my database posted the BB UTG. The pot was not raised. After this hand (which he folded on the flop), his Net Won read -$0.03.

    The following hand, he was in the BB and again folded on the flop. His Net Won after this hand (after refreshing H2N) read -$0.06.

    The following hand was the same result. He posted and completed the SB, folded the Flop, and the Net Won read -$0.09.

    After 10 hands, the Net Won is -$0.18 and bb/100 is -75. This would indicate that for some reason H2N is treating a bb as $0.03.

  • Global Moderator

    Please send the hand history sample to our support via email or live chat

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