Position with respect to indexed villain/ignore any actions between hero and indexed villain

  • Hi,

    I am writing to suggest a feature in creating stat where you could filter by position with respect to certain indexed player.

    The reason is because, there are still many multi-way pot in low to mid-stake games, and lots of the stats are created for HU, when I was creating my own stats for multi way pot, I found it quite annoying since currently when I list out a series of actions, H2N only skips fold actions between listed actions but not calling.

    Consider the following example of donk turn:

    on the Flop there are 3 players left:
    SB checks, CO checks, BTN bets, CO calls and SB calls

    SB checks, CO bets, BTN calls

    This hand would not be considered by the default Donk Bet Turn stat as a donk, because it requires CO to be oop of all other players, which is not true since SB is still in hand.

    One suggestion on fixing this would be, change the stat to:
    flop: player calls (last player action)
    turn: player bets (first player action)
    This is not true either since it would count floating as donk bet.

    Essentially in this case two things make this a donk bet:

    1. CO calls oop to BTN on the flop
    2. CO bets prior to BTN's action

    However, to account for the above case, we need to set up the stat like:

    player checks -> villain bets -> villain calls -> player calls

    player bets (1st action)

    However, since there can be any number of players checking between player checks -> villain bets or calling between villain bets -> player calls. We basically need to enumerate all possible situations on the flop, which is very demanding job. This would be even harder if involves raising or multiple rounds of actions.

    Since H2N already allows you to index player, a simple way to do this would be to index BTN as villain 1, then use the following conditions:

    player checks -> villain bets (index this villain as villain 1) -> player calls (last action) + ignore all other players' actions between those actions

    Player bets (first action, oop to villain 1)

    This setup would make my job of creating multi-way stats much easier, and it is largely based on existing machinery, I look forward to discuss on this!

  • Ive reported it over 1 year ago... nothing changed....

    Problem is when you want to create 4way+....

    for 5way+ there is 30-40 cases ...... (Ive create it for chinesse APPS ... there multiways 4+ is normall)

    Easiest way to solve it is to add "ANY ACTION BETWEEN " Villain & Player" ... but....

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