edge subscription randomly deleted?

  • Hey,

    Problem is presumably resolved. That was pretty confusing though.

    I had existing edge sub up to end of 2020. I tried to purchase 1 month asia and my edge sub was deleted and replaced with asia. There was zero information or confirmation of what was about to happen before I made payment.

    Generally confusing and misleading. I guess it's based on an account having a certain amount of credit the new subscription length is calculated based on that. Having said that, I've made 2 payments to H2N and I have no idea what I've just paid for since there is no breakdown.

    Would like to know what I'm paying for before making the payment in future.


  • Hello

    When you buy a new subscription version, all the days on the previous plan will be automatically recalculated into a new version.

    If you want to use ASIA+EDGE together, you need to buy PRO.

    If you already bought EDGE and ASIA separately, you can contact live chat on hand2note.com website, they'll switch your sub to PRO manually

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