Hand2Note freezing Windows sometimes when table closes

  • I'm having an intermittent problem with Hand2Note, it is working fine most of the time, then occasionally when a table closes the HUD remains behind and Windows freezes, this can range from just a few seconds to once needing to crash my PC, but it normally lasts around 15-20 seconds.

    I've tried various things and none seem to have helped too much.
    I did a big memtest on my RAM to rule out any issues with that.

  • Hi, does this happen after long sessions?

    alt text

  • @gt-hud
    No, it usually happens pretty quickly. I'm playing Flash Spin and Gos on PokerStars, it usually happens after less than 10 games, it only happens when the game is finished and the table itself has been removed, but the HUD remains behind.

    Edit: It seems to happen mostly when I use either Starscaption or Starshelper while playing, though it has happened without using these too.

    Any recommendations, should I reinstall Hand2Note for example?

    Edit: I just tested with an empty HUD and no crashes so far.

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