Hud position in review

  • Hello,

    When I play, hud is at the right place. When I review, it is not.

    I can arrange place of hud while reviewing, but then hud will not be at the right place once playing.

    Can this be fixed ?

  • Hi, you need to enable sync in H2N / Configuration / Replayer

    alt text

  • Thank you but... it is already set by default :
    "Synchronize HUD positions in replayer and real tables" (on)

    But for some reason it is not efficient in my replayer : huds are rotated anti clock wise and my seat is on the left instead of the bottom (5max cash game, Winamax).

    I tried various "prefered seat" in configuration "rooms" section, but to no avail up to now.

    Any other idea ?

  • Found, with Dimitriy's help on the chat : I had to find the correct seat first, and disable this option second to adjust huds.

    Fixed !

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