HUD not working in H2N

  • Hi,

    I just re-installed H2N and copied my config over. I had a couple HUDs I bought and one custom one that I made from the bought stats and some stats I made on my own.

    In the new DB the HUD isn't showing up. None of them are, I bought a lifetime subscription to SpinCoin so it should work. I re-built the stats and put a SpinCoin HUD for every game type, still not working.

    Not working in range research. I can see my results in the graph part of the popup though.

    What might I be missing?


  • 0_1590320536686_hud.png 0_1590320542222_hud2.png

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Hand2Note;

    Make sure you have activated the license key in the program Configuration (F12) / Other Options / License;

    Make sure that the purchased HUD is linked to this license key Configuration (F12) / Other Options / License, the name of the purchased HUD should be displayed under the license key;

    alt text

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