Missing occurences

  • Hello,
    I've always many of my stats have missing occurrences.
    Here is a simple example, I just finished playing a HU and 5bet shoved 3 or 4 times. Villain folded every time.
    But the stat Fold to 5Bet indicates only 1 occurrence as you can see here :

    And this is the case for many other stats. Plenty of showdowns are missing for example.
    I have unchecked the "exclude reg vs fish" but it doesn't change anything.

    Where does this come from?

  • Hi,

    Update the program to the latest version

    Go to: Configuration (F12) / Game Types and click “Reset to default”, then re-configure and click Clear and Build stats in the main program window.

    In Configuration/ Auto Import, you need to specify the folder in which the hand history is saved.

    alt text

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