Support Multi game types for a single hand.

  • Can H2N support multi game type for a single hand?
    According to the manual, for each hand, h2n will use the first game type which matches the hand in the list of game types defined. This makes my range research sometimes painful.

    Let's say, I have 3 game types defined in this order:
    A: NL100 or lower (bb size <= 1)
    B: NL200 or higher (bb size >= 2)
    C: All stake level (bb size 0 - inf)

    If I have all my hands in a single db, all the NL100 hands can only match A, and all NL200 hands will match B.

    I can do range research for A or B, however I can't do range research for C (which includes all the hands in my db). Trying to build report for game type C will get an empty report since no hands history for this game type.

    If I change the game type order in the setting, I have to rebuild the stats to make that change taking effect, then I can run range research on C. But I lost the existing report for A & B.

    Ideally, I have to have 3 report existing at the same time at the same db.

    Not sure how many ppl have the same feature request, but this is really important to me. Range research is such a good feature, I think this is critical to make range research powerful at its max.

  • Hi, you can create three different databases and switch between them in H2N/ Configuration / Database

    C: All stake level (bb size 0 - inf)

    This Game Type "C" cannot be turned on because it includes Game Type "A" and "B". You must have 3 different game types that do not conflict with each other.

    alt text

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