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    As far as I got the idea of badges, a badge will appear if condition is met. Therefore, all badges that may be used have to book a place in the hud.

    As far as I am concerned, I wish I had a way to substitute one badge to another, like in the "note icon" that passes from green to red according to player being fish or reg. This could lead to categorise players according to various statistics like VPIP or PFR or any other to have a one sight idea of there game type (loose/tight, passive/aggressive, weak/ calling station, or any combination...)

    The "tight" badge of a player that played 10 hands might change to "loose" after 30 hands because he played a lot more hands, for instant. This would take less room in the hud and would not be confusing because each player will probably hit several filters during the first collected hands.

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    For example, if you make two badges:

    • with expression string: Value(PFR) < 30
    • with expression string: Value(PFR) > 30

    Then your HUD will display only one of these badges.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    keepcalm said:

    Then your HUD will display only one of these badges.

    This is what I expected, but not what I experienced : all badges where on ! I don't know what I missed in my tests, but I guess that at one point VPIP was hight, and the next moment it was low (it changes fast with few hands) and H2N lit them all because he had met all conditions at one point or another.

    Furthermore, this takes a lot of space in the hud because if I want to make 6 badges instead of 2 (nit, tight, average, loose, fish, whale) I need to dedicate 6 places for 1 info. I whish I could make a badge called "VPIP" that could take 6 colors in the same place.

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