H2N running poorly with AMD CPU

  • I bought recently a new setup with an AMD ryzen9 3900 with good m.2 SSD and 64gb of ram, but H2N still run like my 6 years old laptop (at 4000hh/s in range research for a single stat run),

    what can i do to use the full power of my CPU? do i have to change drivers or something?

  • Global Moderator

    I know nothing about AMD performance, but the speed of building statistics depends very much on the complexity of your Popups (especially a number of stats with filtering on Board Groups and Bet Sizings). In addition, the amount of free RAM is also very important.

    Also, most issues occur when users try to build a report on a huge database on many players at once. For example, for all players.

    You can create a simple Popup(2) for your report and build the report with the help of the specified criteria and expression (1) instead of all players:

    alt text

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