Live average saw Flop stat

  • 1.Hotkeys in replayer would be one of the most important feature that H2n needs to add.
    2.would be nice if they could implement so we can create one small HUD with table stats like PT4 has .
    The most important statistic for me if someone knows how to make it :
    Live average saw flop-The average percentage of players who saw the flop over the last 10 hands.
    here is the formula from pt4 : (live_table_saw_flop / min(live_table_hands, 10))*100.0 .
    Is there any option where I can create this ? If someone knows please replay in this thread and a way to contact you. Thank you!

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    We have sent it to our development team.

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