Won At Showdown / WWSF Stats Bugged?

  • I am comparing my stats on both HM2 & PT4 vs H2N and I am getting different results for the Won At Showdown and WWSF stats.

    HM2 and PT4 have identical figures for those stats however H2N is way off. After doing some digging, I believe it has to do with the way H2N evaluates split pots. If I remove all split pots and re-import the hands, the figures in H2N are then the same as HM2 and PT4.

    Does anyone know how to change this in H2N so it outputs these stats the same way as the other trackers?

    Thank you!

    Edit: After more digging it doesn't seem like split pots are showdown are effecting the stats, it's something else.

    I have tried these 3 different expressions (from google searches and browsing the forum), none of them are giving me accurate results compared to the other trackers:

    1. WonHandAtSDCases(Flop Any Action) / WentToSDCases(Flop Any Action) * 100

    2. WonHandAtSDCases(preflop any action) / WentToSDCases(preflop any action) * 100

    3. WonHandAtSDCases(flop any action) / WentToSDCases(flop any action) * 100

  • Make sure you have this option turned off
    As if it's enabled the stats for the regulars will include only vs-regs spots. And the values of stats may be different from general values

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