Range Research HAND STRENGHT Filters problem

  • Hello!
    Unfortunately when I try to choose some specific boards using Range Research in "Custom Report Stats" - the "Test" option shows that many boards that should not pass through the filters occur in the "Test" window, ruining the accuracy of the output.


    I think a good way for the filters to work would be to separate all three flop cards by High and show

    • High card J-A - The highest card on the board has to be in this interval
    • 2nd Card 9-K - the 2nd high card on board has to be in this interval
    • 3rd card - 2-7 - the lowest card has to be in this interval

    So there shouldn't be boards like

    • Q54, J46, K83 - because the 2nd card has to be from 9-K,
    • T84 - because the Highest card has to be J-A
    • AK8 - because the lowest card has to be 2-7
      and so on.


    The "NOT" filter is not working as well. I put in "NOT - All three cards of one suit" - and still get a 678sss (wich again shouldn't be with the High-card filters as well)
    And other filters are working wrong using the "NOT" filter as well. Like "NOT paired boards" are still present in the Test.

    I hope you will be able to fix this, and make the Hand/Board Strenght filters as cool as it could be!


  • :)

    Cos you need to mark both groups using ctrl + Left mouse then click AND !!!!

    without that between groups as default is OR

  • xD
    I see, thanks!

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