Easy way to change multiple hand color ranges

  • Dear support,

    I am trying to set color ranges for my stats in HUD editor. Is there a way to change multiple stats at the same time? When I do copy paste, I have to set the display settings again for each stat, so its a lot of work anyway. Can I set permanent color ranges somehow which apply to everywhere the stat is, or is there another shortcut I can use?

    Thank you very much!

    Stelyan Georgiev

  • Global Moderator

    It is possible to change Display Conditions for multiple stats at the same time with help of MASS APPLY.
    You can find how to use this feature in our educational video titled "Creating Positional and Dynamic HUD":

    HUD Customization

    Unfortunately, the –°olor Ranges can not be copied in this way.

  • This is quite unfortunate, because I have different display conditions for them. Now every time I want to change the color ranges I have to make an enormous amount of clicking.

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