Marked Hands: Feature Request

  • Problem:

    • Marking hands, adding labels, and writing notes on them is a very slow process when playing multiple tables, especially compared to other trackers.
    • There is also no way to filter marked hands in H2N client by date or label.


    In order to add labels and take notes on a hand, we have to click Last Hands button which brings up a list of hands like this:


    From here, it is not possible to quickly add a label or note to the hand. We have to manually click this button: 0_1592040894229_upload-fa100d20-3ee4-445d-ac4e-e4705641191d

    Once we click this button we can see the hand history. From here, we can STILL not add a label or any notes on the hand:


    In order to add this, we have to then click this button on the top right: 0_1592041101872_upload-0b2a8acf-1e1f-4e17-8c0c-eb640e0211ad

    Only then can we add notes and a label in the expanded section:


    This took several steps to add a label or note to a hand which isn't ideal when playing multiple tables and when wanting to keep the original unexpanded hand history view format.


    Please add a simple Note button to the main Marked Hands List window like so:


    This way we don't need to make 3-4 extra clicks to write a note or add a quick label when playing many tables at same time. It's very frustrating and other trackers like HM2/PT4 are much more efficient when it comes to doing these things.

    Adding this button would completely remove the need to open individual hand histories in order to make notes or label.

    Adding a note button on the main hand history viewer window would be very helpful (without having to manually expand):


  • I'm with you. Just yesterday I had the very same thought and feature suggestion → adding a notebutton and/or a hotkey for quickly labeling/marking hands.

    You're right it takes for too long during live play.

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    We have sent it to our development team.


  • +1 to this!

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