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    I was wondering if H2N works on Veikkaus, which is Finnish government owned gambling site. It's a bit complicated: Veikkaus and Win2day use the same platform and servers. Although Veikkaus poker has its own poker software, platforms are combined such that you are able to play with players using Win2day. I think h2n works on win2day, but the HUD doesn't automatically pop up when I play on veikkaus. Anyone has any experience on if it works?

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    Yes, win2day is supported by hand2note. Veikkaus uses its own software which is essentially just a copy from win2day software as the platform, outlay, servers are the same. Thats why I was wondering if veikkaus is also supported because its essentially the same software but different name. Even the players can play against each other.

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    Hand2Note doesn't support Veikkaus

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