2 installations, 2 different DB-paths possible?

  • Hi guys,

    I want to have 2 installations of H2N in 2 different directories.

    First is the main installation for playing with a Database of roughly between 25-50GB possible.

    Second installation should make a Database of >100GB possible and is only for Pool Analysis.

    Obviously I never need to run two instances at the same time so should be no problem with the license.

    Problem is that I can't create the 2nd Database with this size in the main installation because this would reach the limit in disk space of the internal Laptop-SSD.

    So my plan is to create the big Database on an external SSD that has enough free space. That's why the path for the big DB needs to be another than for the normal DB for grinding.

    Is this possible in general? What do I have to be aware of? Will this cause problems with the dbpass on postgres?

    Thanks for any advices

  • Hi, you can simply copy/paste the Hand2Note folder along the path: C:\Program Files\Hand2Note, then rename it, for example, name it "Hand2Note for RR" Next, you will need to run the program from the "Hand2Note for RR" folder and connect to another database through the configuration: http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Database/

    alt text

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